Vega Sport Endurance Energy Gel (12 Servings)

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Vega specializes in a wide variety of plant based supplements ranging from pre-workout energizers to protein shakes, bars, and even vitamins. They're designed to naturally fuel your body without the use of gluten, GMO's, artificial ingredients or dairy.

Vega Sport Endurance Energy Gel is formulated to provide instant, and sustained energy while replenishing electrolytes. It's easy digesting gel allows you to maximize energy quickly, and effectively. Vega Sport Endurance Gel is the only gel on the market to feature coconut oil for instant, non-carbohydrate energy.• Use: Eat 1 gel every 45 minutes during endurance workouts to help you go the distance.
• 22g functional carbs
• Coconut oil
• Replenish electrolytes
• Instant and sustained energy
• Gluten Free
• GMO Free
• Dairy Free
• Certified Vegan
• No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners