Tacx Blue Motion T2600 Cycle Trainer

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The new generation of cycletrainers for avid cyclists. The Blue is suitable for everyone, whether you cycle a lot or just every now and then. A quick
half an hour’s ride before dinner? With the Blue you can start immediately. The trainer has a
simplified mounting system, which makes it easy and quick to assemble. A tool set for small and
big wheels is no longer needed; even 29 MTB wheels do fit.

»» Powerful Neodymium Brake ««
The top model of the Blue cycletrainers. The Blue Motion features the same brake system as the Satori. The powerful Neodymium magnet, the extra-large steel flywheel of 1,6 kg and the 10 position handlebar resistance lever allow for very high powers at low pedalling frequencies. The maximum resistance is 950 Watt.
Handlebar resistance lever, 10 positions; Blue frame with solid back legs; Universal fit for wheels with diameter 600 to 710 mm; Easy to assemble brake system »» Magnetic brake «« Brake system with 1 powerful Neodymium magnet and 1,6 kg flywheel; Maximum resistance 950 Watt