Tacx Antares Training Rollers T1000

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Tacx Antares Training Rollers T1000

Work on your rhythm, make your muscles more flexible or refine your coordination and technique. The Antares rollers are for you. Cycle freely, just like on the road or track. The Antares is collapsible and is easy to transport.

Some cyclists keep finding it hard to ride without a restraint. They choose the Tacx Antares and use the support for Antares to secure the bike, without the front wheel, and still cover the mileage in front of them.

Track pace

Riding on ‘the Tacx’ is a relatively easy way to up your track pace and make your muscles more supple. This makes for completely natural movements. You keep pedaling from the hips, just as you would on the road or track. A high pedaling frequency, that is needed for the right feeling in the legs, is also possible.


• Compact Lightweight design
• Easy to store
• The number one choice for athletes in the 2012 London Olympics