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Rhino Rack Tie Down Surfboard Straps 3m

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Rhino Rack Tie Down Surfboard Straps 3m will securely hold surfboards and kayaks to your roof rack. Made of heavy duty 25mm polyester webbing (ideal for ensuring they won’t rip or fray) with a metal buckle for secure fastening, they boast a lashing capacity of 225kg. To protect your gear, they also feature an extra tongue of padding stitched over the camloc buckle. Additionally our Tie Down Surfboard Straps are the perfect alternative to using stretchable ‘bunjee’ style cords. This is due to them being far safer to use and the fact that Rhino-Rack does not warrant your roof racks when used in conjuction with bunjee style cords.• User friendly
• Heavy duty polyester
• 225kg buckle capacity
• Protective padding on buckle