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Rhino Rack Spare Wheel Strap

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The Rhino Rack Spare Wheel Strap is the perfect accessory for Pioneer Trays and Platforms to securely hold your spare tire so you can free up space inside your vehicle. The unique design features two of the three straps can be incrementally adjusted so the stainless steel ring is always positioned in the centre of the wheel, offering maximum holding capacity.

The tightening ratchet and ring are made from stainless steel so it won’t corrode. The “S hooks are PE plastic coated steel and the webbing is made from polyester. For even simpler mounting, use the Rhino Eye Bolt Kit which is not included as part of the spare wheel strap.• Easy to install
• Transport your spare wheel outside your vehicle
• Easily mounted to your Rhino-Rack Pioneer Tray and Platform
• Made from strong and durable materials
• Includes incrementally adjustable straps
• Includes tightening ratchets as well as 2 x cam buckles