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Rhino Rack Quick Release Bike Carrier

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A great way of carrying a bike on your Rhino Vortex roof racks is by using the Quick Release Bike Carrier. It features a unique front head which clamps around the roof rack and is held in place by two security screws. The extrusion, on which the rear wheel sits, measures approximately 1100mm long. Its made from strong yet ultra light alloy and comes with a bracket to attach to the roof rack on the under side. The Quick Release Bike Carrier will also fit similar profile bars from other manufacturers. Included for your convenience is an RKLS Rhino Key Locking Skewer. The key locking skewer allows you to securely key lock your bike to your bike carrier.• Roof mounted system
• Fits directly to Rhino-Rack Vortex bars
• Quick and easy installation / removal
• Fits on either side of your vehicle roof
• Suitable for bikes up to 15kg / 35lb
• Rear wheel strap fits all wheel dimensions
• Adjustable locking skewer provides security