Rhino Rack

Rhino Rack Multi Purpose Holder (Heavy Duty / Vortex)

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Whether you want an easy way to carry fishing rods in summer or ski poles in winter the Rhino-Rack Multi Purpose Holder is the best choice on the market. The strong, glass-reinforced nylon material of this product has a load rating of up to 7kg / 15.5lb. There isn’t another adventure accessory that can match the simplicity of installation and ease of use. Wrap the Multi Purpose Holder around your Vortex or Heavy Duty bars like a wristwatch, attach the strap, place your fishing rod, ski poles, kayak paddles, shovel, sail board mast or much more into place, strap up and get on the road quick.• Protective Santoperene rubber padding keeps your cargo safe from scratches
• The MPHU Strap is made from strong thermoplastic vulcanised rubber which is stretch and also strong (some bowling balls are made from the same material)
• Load Rating of 7kg
• Simply snap the Multi Purpose Holder into place around your Heavy Duty or Vortex bars like a wristwatch
• Allows you the fastest way to strap down and transport cargo
• The internal width of the Rhino-Rack Multi Purpose Holder is 55mm