Polar Look Keo Power Meter Pedal Bluetooth Smart Essential

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Compatible with iPhone 4S and later, and with selected Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 using Android 4.3 or later. Check all compatible devices.• 1 Regular and 1 instrumented pedal + 1 transmitter
• Accurate power and cadence measurements
• Gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts
• Left and right power distribution optional with 2 transmitters (1 included)
• Shows how you use force against the pedal with the force vector feature
• Easy installation and switching between bikes
• Self-calibration
• Bluetooth compatible
• Provides all Kéo Blade pedals advantages

In the box:
• One pair of Kéo Blade carbon pedals
• 1 wireless Polar radio with batteries
• Specific installation tools
• Manuals