Abus U-Mini Bike Lock

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The U-Mini 40 packs a lot of lock into a small package. This little lock is small enough to carry on your belt but strong enough for city and campus use.

Made of high quality, temper hardened steel the U-Mini 40 features the same through-body shackle technology as its bigger brother, the Super Ultimate, for outstanding torsion resistance. The shackle double bolts into the lock body for even more protection.
• 14mm round shackle
• Featuring industry leading corrosion resistance
• Lightweight with excellent strength to weight ratio
• Double bolting shackle in the lock body
• Shackle, lock body and supporting elements made of special temper hardened steel
• ABUS Premium Cylinder offers great protection against picking
• Four keys supplied with the lock
• Soft-touch cover protects frame