ABUS Bordo Lite Bike Lock 6050 85 cm

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Perfect for performance riders, triathletes and touring rides, this low-security lock is an excellent theft deterrent for coffee stops and lunch breaks on your long ride. Deliberately very lightweight and stylish, the Bordo Lite can be tossed into a jersey pocket or mounted to your bike with the rattle-free pouch and soft, silicone-coated velcro straps that protect the paint job of your bike.• 5mm steel bars with plastic coating to prevent damage to the frame
• Only 650 g
• ABUS Extra-Class cylinder with coded reversible key
• Handy bag protects against dirt
• Flexible mounting with non-slip velcro straps or screws at the bottle holder device
• 85 cm
• Ice Spray Tested
• Made in Germany