Malone J-Cradle J Style Kayak Carrier MPG120MD

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Having a kayak rest on its side is typically the best way to transport them if space saving is on your mind. The kayak keeps its aerodynamic ability as usual, but now you have the ability to easily mount 2, instead of just 1. The Malone J-Cradle not only offers the aforementioned side mounting ability but is also made of corrosion resistant steel, meaning that both salty air and water is a non issue. It also has Jawz Universal Mounting Adapters, meaning it can mount to round, square and oval cross bars. On top of all that, it has 11' cam buckle load straps along with 12' bow and stern safety tie downs. Throw in adjustable foam padding with a "not tools required" installation and you have yourself one heck of a kayak carrier. • No Tools Required
• Corrosion-Resistant Steel Frames
• Jawz Universal Mounting Adapters
• 12' Bow and Stern Safety Tie Downs and 11' Cam Buckle Load Straps
• Adjustable Foam Padding