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Load image into Gallery viewer, Tacx Trainer Software 4.0 - RACKTRENDZ
Load image into Gallery viewer, Tacx Trainer Software 4.0 - RACKTRENDZ
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Tacx Trainer Software 4.0

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Tacx Trainer Software 4.0

More and more Tacx riders who were still using an old version of the software (the Tacx Trainer software 1, 2 or 3 or the Fortius or i-Magic software) are switching to the new Tacx Trainer software 4. All Tacx riders who follow their example will now get a free download film (with a value of 9,90 Euro) and access to Tacx’s best software.

The TTS 4, which also works on the older models of the Tacx trainers, is a world of difference from the TTS 3 and the earlier versions. The main advantages are listed to the right. Especially in the field of Virtual Reality, the TTS 4 has undergone a metamorphosis with the development of beautifully designed VR terrains that are extremely lifelike, such as Italian hills and an American city.

The TTS 4 is continuously expanded with updates that each user can download for free. The new hardware wizard for connecting devices and improved styling and operation of the intro screen have made the software much more user-friendly. Catalyst, Analyser and Power Mode have also been expanded and improved with some new features. Recently BikeNet, Facebook and Twitter have been integrated into the TTS 4.

Which features does TTS 4 have compared to TTS 3?

  • Virtual Reality in High 3D
  • Create your own routes
  • Brand new VR worlds
  • Moving VR characters
  • Gameplay with opponents
  • Customize clothing & bike
  • New VR riders (M/F)
  • Ride with 10 opponents
  • Night setting in races
  • Handlebar also visible
  • Determine starting point

All users of the Tacx Trainer software 1, 2 or 3 or the Fortius or i-Magic software can join the TTS 4 action. This action applies only when the Tacx Trainer software is downloaded through the Tacx online shop. After downloading the Advanced software (T1990.04A) or the Basic software (T1990.05A) you will automatically receive an e-mail from Tacx with a discount code for a free download film with a value of 9,90 euro of your choice.

Tacx Trainer software 4, Advanced T1990.04
With this cutting-edge software enter you riding the Tacx trainer virtual environments that are still more real than real
Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic T1990.05
The Basic is a slightly simplified version of the software without a few complex features. Upgrade to Advanced software is possible
The Basic is the less elaborate version, with less terrains and functions. The Basic software is delivered as standard with the i-Vortex, i-Flow and Upgrade i-Flow.

Note: The Tacx Trainer software 4 works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. The software is not compatible with Windows XP and below.
The green T1902 i-Magic interface is not compatible with the Tacx Trainer software 4. These riders can purchase the T1925 Upgrade i-Flow.

Check the system requirements before ordering.• Virtual reality entertainment with graphics more realistic than ever
• Training program with catalyst
• Real race and rides with Real life video
• Create your own route with GPS
• Distance, speed, HR zone, cadence, wattage
• Multiplayer and Google earth licenses sold separately