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Rhino Rack Conduit Locking End Caps (100mm)

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Rhino-Rack has designed a new conduit locking end cap that is a game changer. This endcap was designed to provide maximum security with our built in Masterkey™ compatible steel locks. The cover plate includes high quality internal seals to keep your contents dry and protected using high impact materials. The LSE100 comes as a set of two or single (LSE100H) and is made to suit 100mm PVC pipes (3.9"). Apart from the simple twist and lift operation to open the end cap, the internal sleeve sits flush with the conduit pipe to minimise the chance of your contents from catching the lip at the join.• Two conduit locking end caps are included
• Suits 100mm PVC pipes (3.9 inches)
• Integrated lock, Masterkey™ compatible
• O-Ring seal reduces dust and water build up inside the conduit pipe
• Locking end cap sits flush with conduit pipe so there is no interference with your conduit load
• Simple twist and lift operation
• Lid remains open even when your vehicle is parked on an incline
• Double wall internal pivot plate
• Dynamic testing to AS1235:2000
• Crash tested to ISO11154:2006
• Recommended maximum carrying capacity is 15kg / 33lb
• Designed and Made in Australia
• 5 Year Warranty
• MasterKey compatible