ABUS Bordo 6100 Combo Bike Lock 75 cm

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This convenient combination folding lock offers the security of a U-Lock with the flexibility of a chain. The Bordo Combo 6100 offers ABUS level 9 (medium) security in this easy-to-use light weight lock. Made of temper hardened steel, the bars are encased in an extra soft coating to protect your bike's paint job. The lock body, links and supporting elements of the locking system use the same high quality steel you'll find in the bars.• 5mm steel bars with extra soft coating to prevent damage to the frame
• Special hardened steel
• Link construction with special rivets allows compact folding
• Flexible mounting with non-slip velcro straps or screws at the bottle holder device
• 2-K digits
• SH bracket option allowing for an easy one hand operation and solid holding
• 75 cm long
• Ice Spray Tested
• Made in Germany