Tubbs Snowflake Snowshoes - Kids

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Designed for our youngest snowshoers (approx. 3-6 years old), the Snowflake is a great introduction to snowshoeing. The Snowflake’s fun design features an easy 2-step binding and, best of all, a sticker pack for boys and girls to customize their snowshoes

Get them into the sport young with the Tubbs Snowflake snowshoe. For kids between the ages of 3 and 6 (approx.) these snowshoes will be an essential tool to introduce them to the widely growing sport. The Snowflake snowshoes also come with a sticker pack for personalization. Size - 14"
Dimensions - 6.5" x 14"
Weight (pair) - 1.3 lbs
Optimal Load - under 23 kgs
Surface Area - 180cms• 2 Step binding system
• Max weight of 23 LBS
• Comes with sticker pack for boys and girls
• Torsion Deck