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Park Tool CT 4.3 Master Chain Tool

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All chains wear out and when they do, the replacement chain will often need to be "cut" to the proper length to fit your bike. To do this, you require a chain breaker, so why not pick the Park Tool CT 4.3 Master Chain Tool? Specially designed to work with the tight tolerances and narrow profiles of 10- and 11-speed chains, but also works on all other derailleur chains, including the Shimano® CN-9000. The CT-4.3 is a powerful, precise tool designed to quickly and accurately remove and install chain rivets. This is, without a doubt, the most accurate chain tool ever made by Park Tool.

• Integrated Link Pocket ensures precise alignment
• Replaceable rotating pin
• Includes removable anvil to peen Campagnolo 11-speed chains
• Note: The CT-4.3 is NOT compatible with Wipperman chains