Northwave Extreme Road Shoes, Black

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The Northwave Extreme Road Shoes is uniquely designed with 100% ultralight carbon sole, allowing top power transfer, speedplay adapter for short distances and bio-mapping technology allows for comfortability in conforming to the size of your feet. This intricately designed pair of shoes has a double SLW2 dial with extra straps that allows for full release when a single button is pressed. The integrated heel system is 100% effective in preventing you from slipping with its interior directional fiber material and its footbed provides great support when active. • Ultralight Carbon sole 100% made of unidirectional carbon allows top power transfer
• NW Speedplay adapter compatible for the shortest distance between pedal and foot
• Biomap unibody upper with nano holes laser cutting technology made of a ultralight microfiber that conforms to the foot shape
• Double SLW2 dial plus extra strap: the only one with step by step and full release pressing a single button
• Integrated heel system with interior directional fiber material prevents from slipping
• Extreme Air Evo footbed provides greater support