BCA Tracker 2 T2 Rescue Package

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Tracker2: North America’s best-selling avalanche transceiver. With ease of use, real-time display, and triple receive antenna. An intuitive mechanical search/transmit switch makes it easy to use right “out of the box.” Includes special mode and multiple burial indicator lights. Thinner profile and harness than Tracker DTS. Includes Special mode and multiple burial indicator lights. Stealth 270 Probe: Stealth Quick-lock probes guarantee the easiest and fastest assembly on the market, while simultaneously freeing up additional storage space in your pack. Say goodbye to flogging cables and deployment hang-ups. Stealth Quick-Lock can save valuable seconds when time matters. B-1 Ext Shovel: BCA's most popular shovel featuring a telescopic handle and unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio.

Keep yourself prepared for every situation! This package includes:
• Tracker 2
• Stealth 270 Probe
• B-1 Ext Shovel