BCA Scepter Carbon Adjustable Ski Pole

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Backcountry Access' lightest pole, the Scepter Carbon Adjustable Ski Pole, is ideal for weight-conscious skiers who are focused on speed and endurance. The upper section of the shaft is made with carbon to keep weight down, while the lower section is 7075 aluminum to achieve the perfect balance of weight and strength. The BCA Scraper Grip makes it easy to push snow off your ski's topsheet so you're not dragging extra weight around when you break trail, saving leg strength for the descent. The grip also features a utility hook for flipping risers and boot buckles. Spray-on grip on the upper shaft helps you keep a good grip on your pole when you have to choke up without compromising the pole's extremely low weight. • Carbon upper shaft, 7075 aluminum lower shaft
• BCA Scraper Grip
• Adjustable
• Carbide tip
• Adjustable webbing strap