BCA Scepter Aluminum Adjustable Ski Pole

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A good backcountry pole keeps your skis clear of snow, can be used to switch bindings between ski and walk mode, and should be somewhat light. But since the Backcountry Access Scepter Aluminum ski poles are better than good, they can check the box on all three of these requirements and several more. Their grip is equipped with a snow scraper to keep your boards clear of heavy snow, and a hook on the opposite side is designed to switch both boots and bindings between ski and walk mode. Wrist straps can be attached to the handle when you ride the ski lifts, but they can be easily removed for increased safety when backcountry skiing.• Adjustable aluminum shaft
• Scraper grip with rubber over-mold
• Removable adjustable webbing straps
• Concave hex basket
• Carbide tip