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Auto-Chem 700-016 - Dress-up vinyl & rubber dressing bodyshop safe 500 ml

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Silicone-free water-based product to protect vehicle interior and exterior plastics and rubbers. Excellent on tires, door and window trims as well as bumper moldings. Ideal for dashboards, vinyl seats and more. Protects against cracking and splitting. Keeps the finishfor several weeks. Fence chemical that seals against dirt.
  • Shines and protects rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces.
  • Biodegradable water-based formula, free from aggressive solvents.
  • Can be diluted, the level of gloss varies according to the dilution.
  • Safe for body shops.
  • Satin finish when applied to a wet surface.
  • Glossy finish when allowed to air dry.

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