Atlas Rendezvous Snowshoes

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Atlas Rendezvous Snowshoes

The new Rendezvous features some of the industry's leading innovations from Atlas and has been precisely developed for each phase for comfort and performance. The linking mechanism facilitates trouble-free activity while ensuring excellent arch support for gender-specific durations. All the moves taken by Atlas give you a lightweight snowshoe to last longer on the trail.


**Strapp Binding: Molded arch support, one-pull Uniloop design, no-hassle straps and gender-specific lasts - with a minimalist approach at an increased value **Flexible Nytex decking is forgiving and quiet when hiking in the cold, providing durability without the weight **Heel Cleat: Adds traction and stability for climbing, descending and traversing varied terrain **V-Frames: The V shape tracks straight in deep snow, and the tapered tail pulls less snow as you step forward, saving your energy **Light-Ride Suspension (LRS): Allows your foot to articulate naturally and cushioning impact for smooth striding on mellower terrain **Twin-Trac™ toe crampon: uses a sturdy row of front points and two side teeth to keep your foot from twisting. This is a men's snowshoe.