Atlas Access 30 Snowshoes Green

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Atlas Access Snowshoes 30" Green

The combination of the Light-Ride™ (LRS) suspension, the Wrapp Trail binding and the inclusion of a heel bar allows the Access all the necessary equipment to handle rough, rolling terrain with confidence. The access is there for you as the trail heads uphill, offering natural foot articulation with limited resistance.


  • Our durable aluminum V-Frames are a patented Atlas shape and are the key to an easy, natural phase. In deep snow, the V shape tracks straight, and as you move forward, the tapered tail draws less snow, saving your energy. For a natural gait, the turned-up tail of the V-frame rolls easily into each point.
  • The suspension Light-Ride™ offers light weight ease, smooth striding efficiency and proven Atlas articulation.
  • Wrapp Trail bindings: The Wrapp Trail binding tightly cradles the foot with support and ease of use.
  • Calf muscles tire rapidly on steep climbs and stability declines as the foot matches the slope angle. For grip, the heel lift bar relieves fatigue and connects directly into Advanced Aft Traction.